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FC2 Female Condom - Standard 12 Pack: Wow Condoms FC2 Standard 12 Pack offers substantial savings when buying condoms online! The FC2 Female Condom, approved by the FDA, is now available in the United States. The FC2 Female Condom uses the same design and instructions for use as the FC1 female condom. FC2 is made from a synthetic nitrile, classified as non-latex condoms, which is great news for latex-sensitive people! The FC2 provides protection against HIV/AIDS, STD"s, STD"s, and unintended pregnancies. FC2 has high acceptability among both men and women in many countries. Studies have shown that having the FC2 Female Condom available allows women and men another Birth Control Option, resulting in an increase in protected sex acts and a decrease in STIs, including HIV/AIDS. Our Condom Store offers the best condoms in hand-packed bags of 12, 24, 36, 60, 100, and 144. Find your Condoms at Wow Condoms - the best place to buy your condoms! Shop FC2 Female Condom Standard 12 Pack at Wow! Tags: Female Condoms, Non-Latex Condoms

FC2 Female Condom 12 Pack